Merchant Card Services

Whether you’re a new business or looking to expand, our Merchant Program provides a convenient way to broaden your payment options. The ability to accept major credit cards increases sales, reduces check loss, expands your customer base and increases your cash flow, all at once. In addition, you are able to view all of your transaction activity online.

Business Credit Card

A Southwest Georgia Bank VISA card provides hometown convenience combined with worldwide purchasing power. VISA offers a convenient, unsecured, revolving line of credit giving your business the ability to pay for purchases at any merchant that accepts Visa and have payments spread out over time. Credit approval required.

Business Debit Card

Debit Cards are available to SGB business checking account customers at no charge providing access to funds through ATMs 24/7, and can be used at point-of-sale electronic debit facilities for purchases. There are no ATM fees when using Southwest Georgia Bank ATMs or for making point-of-sale transactions. For non-Southwest Georgia Bank ATM machine transactions, customers may incur charges from the bank whose machine is accessed. A personal identification number (PIN) is issued for added security. All transactions appear on your monthly checking account statement.